For many years now, over various web pages, I have had very good SEO results with Google etc.

Last year I was contacted by The Whisky Room to build and optimise a new site for them which has been very succesful.

Through this I was then contacted by Infiniti Properties to SEO the current site they have.

And then appeared the idea of offering my services as a sideline to my paintings.

I was then contacted by the singer Ryan Molloy (this is his old site) to build and SEO a whole New Site for him which is coming to fruition shortly.

For the last 3 years, my website has been built on the Shopify Platform so I know the ins and outs of building a whole new site on this very well - from the SEO to Schema Markup to Rich Snippets to International Selling to Google Shopping.

I would only reccomend bulding a store site from scratch on shopify but I can SEO on most platforms.