Solicitud de encargo de pinturas originales de paisajes de Escocia

La gran mayoría de mis cuadros originales son ahora pinturas por encargo.
Es un excelente reclamo para mí, pero rara vez tengo tiempo para pintar nuevos originales que puedan ponerse a la venta.
Y los que tenga estarán disponibles en mi Galería de Pinturas Originales.

El proceso básico es este...

 1. Usted me da una idea de lo que está pensando en encargar y puede proporcionarme las fotografías que quiera, pueden ser tan básicas como quiera, y yo obtendré lo que necesito de ellas.

2. Te envío varios tamaños y precios sin compromiso.

3. Si quieres seguir adelante, sólo tienes que decidir qué tamaño, darme una fecha y decirme qué tonos, colores y estados de ánimo quieres. Esto puede venir de ver pinturas anteriores o colores y tonos .... de cualquier cosa que te gusta que tiene lo que estás buscando.
Si desea información sobre cómo encargar su propia obra de arte original, por favor póngase en contacto.
Opción: Pide que te contacten por correo electrónico


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Customer Reviews

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Michael C
Inspiring artist and beautiful image

[NB - temporary review as the item is a gift that has not yet been given - more details and a picture will follow post-birthday]

I got in touch with Kevin to commission a painting for a special birthday of a landmark with sentimental attachment for my partner. Right from the start this was a really interactive two-way process with me providing photographs and discussing with Kevin which aspects to take from which image, the final composition etc. Throughout the whole time I really felt involved with updates on how it was going , timescale (with the birthday deadline always feeling safe) and even the specifics of the materials used to get certain effects and little details I asked to be included to personalise it were excellent. I was really pleased with how it came out and delighted when I saw it in real life and real light - although Kevin sent many electronic images and video from different angles for my approval. The atmospheric nature of the scene really comes through in the use of light and colour. The whole experience was really positive and has inspired me to start painting again myself, which I haven't done seriously for years now. Thanks!

Sophie Flanagan
Beautiful art work

I contacted Kevin to commission a painting of an Edinburgh park for some friends. After a discussion about what I was looking for and sending over some reference pictures Kevin mocked up an example for us. We worked together on some very small tweaks and the final painting is beautiful! Better than we could have hoped for and a really special gift. Kevin was so helpful and prompt at replying to emails, and providing suggestions. I would really recommend Kevin and would both buy his art work and commission him again!

Keitha Bledsoe

Kevin is such a talented and insightful artist, and wonderful to work with on a project. He recently completed a commission of Duntrune Castle for me, and it was everything I had hoped for, plus so much more. His use of texture and color gave the work so much depth and movement, and his ability to "see" my vision of the scenario was uncanny!
Kevin was very open and willing to let me share with him my love for this castle, and it's connection to my heritage. His brilliant artistry made the painting come alive for me, and makes me feel like I am "home' when I look at it. The materials are of the utmost quality, and the finish work of the canvas is outstanding.
I highly recommend Kevin Hunter as a talented artist, and a professional businessman.

Hi Keitha, thanks so much for taking the time to leave such a lovely review. You pretty much summed everything up that I think we tried to pull together on this project. An it was a pleasure chatting with you along the way, Kevin :)

Olga Cavoura

First time I have ever commissioned a painiting. I found Kevin from the beautiful work and great reviews on his site. He made the process very easy, even although I am not in Scotland. Took time to discuss ideas, make suggestions, keep me involved, and ensure I was happy with the result. I'm totally thrilled with it, the painting is stunning. A unique experience for sure.

Graeme Craig

Kevin was so helpful when discussing our commissioned painting. Discussed loads of ideas and came up with the perfect painting which we were looking for.