Trade Enquiries

"I first met Kevin many years ago. The whacky and wonderful George Wylie introduced me to him - saying - I think this young man has got something Nancy and if you could give him a part time job to let him keep painting that would be great. Kevin and I got on great for years. He worked in the shop and sold his own paintings and prints there too. The painting was as George had suspected a great success. Kevin's atmospheric and sensitive work sold well. I like to think his experience of working in the shop gave him an insight into the possibilities of working for himself. Then, one day he announced he was going out on his own. It was great news! His own business had built up enough to allow him to take this risk. I am happy to say we still sell Kevin's work and continue our happy and trusting relationship with him."
Nancy Smillie - The Nancy Smillie Shop.
For 2024 I also have a brand new service I am very excited about - for any stockists who have a webpage I can (depending on how your page is built) list any products your select on your page that your customers can purchase for with a 20% commission going to you. Your customer will have the order delivered within 5-7 days by me. You don't do a thing apart from letting your customers know via social media, mail drops etc.
“I first got to know Kevin after the artist John Wetten Brown put him in touch with me. I’ve always enjoyed dealing with Kevin and selling his work as he has always been a pleasure to deal with, very easy going but always very professional. I definitely think Kevin’s experience of working in various galleries and art retail outlets has helped him greatly from both an artists point of view and the retailer's point of view and look forward to continuing this relationship.”
David Stewart - The Stable Gallery.